The Guide to become a Universal Father

The Guide to Becoming a Universal Father is a series of lessons for fathers at any level of experience.
The fact is that fathers develop themselves, based on their experiences of life and having learned from their fathers as well as other fathers who influenced them growing up.

What this means is that their fathering becomes a collage of ideas as opposed to a conscious embodiment of the best father they can be.

In the book I write about our duty as fathers:
How to be a truly engaged dad.
How to open our hearts.
Conversational and relational tools to connect and learn about your children.
Handling rough seas - conflict and behavioural issues.
How to lead in the family without being a dictator.

We look at the different father archetypes to create awareness of how you are showing up.

We also cover standards and values and so much more.

It truly is a comprehensive guide for you to really up your game as a dad.

We are launching the book in this space

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Hey there, I'm Mark

Being a father is a remarkable journey—a sacred role that carries tremendous responsibilities, joys, and challenges. We understand that every father wants to make a positive impact on their children's lives, but sometimes we need a little guidance and support to navigate the intricacies of fatherhood.

At The Universal Father, we believe that being a great dad is an art that can be learned and mastered. We are here to inspire and encourage men from all walks of life to show up for their children, to be present, and to be the best fathers they can be. Our coaching program is designed to equip fathers with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to lead, understand, love, and guide their children towards becoming wonderful independent beings.

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  • Brenton Nestler Certified Master Coach- Executive & Team Coaching; Transformational Learning Guide; Online Facilitator & Consultant

    Mark is an exceptional and passionate Coach and Facilitator. 

    He brings a deeply intuitive and transformative approach. This creates a sacred space of safety and clarity in which those he is working with are guided to significant insight and personal awareness.  Though this strength, sustainable shift, and impact happen, core habits and behaviors are explored, developed, and transformed, and real growth sticks. 

    I am. Forever grateful for the positive and profound personal growth that Mark has helped inspire in me.

  • Mary-Joe Emde Director at Core of U

    Mark is one of the most energized and passionate coaches and facilitators I have worked with. His passion for people working in a natural environment is very unique and we are very proud to have Mark as an associate of the Neuroleadership Group Africa. Mark has a dream to facilitate change in people’s thinking through adventure coaching and we love being part of making his dream come true.

  • Dr. Colleen Lightbody PhD; MPhil; MCC; PGCNL

    Mark is an inspirational and motivated Coach and Trainer. He has an intelligent, relaxed, and humorous style of interaction which enables him to connect with people at all levels. Mark is committed to his development and that of others- I would like to recommend him at the highest level as an individual who has a significant impact in his professional as well as personal capacity.

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